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Product Introduction


    YVF2 series variable frequency adjustable speed three-phase asynchronous motor is suitable for the speed regulation system which is operated by the frequency changer to run the special induction motor. Our company on the basis of unified design technical improvements, use special enameled wire, electric adjustment scheme, reduce harmonic content, the motor not only has the advantages of energy saving, wide range stepless speed regulation, small vibration, low noise advantages also has stable operation, no torque creeping phenomenon, the use of the advantages of long service life. Widely used in light industry, textile, chemical industry, metallurgy, machine tool industry needs to adjust the speed of the equipment.

Supporting the use of motor and inverter, 5-50Hz achieve constant torque speed to achieve constant power speed; 50-100Hz.

It can be equipped with independent fan, the cooling effect of the motor reliable constant over the entire range of frequency.

 Main Performance

 Rated Power Range:0.37-315KW

 Rated Frequency: 50Hz

 Rated Voltage: 380V

 Motor Poles: 2、4、6

 International Protection Standard: IP54

Insulation System:

According to the design of class F (155 DEG C), in the rated output and direct power supply motor temperature rise according to 80K appraisal, 315 seat No. 2,4 pole and 355 frame size motor temperature rise is allowed to reach 105K;

Cooling Method:standard cooling mode for IC416 forced air cooling, but in the fan load and low frequency is not more than 30Hz, can choose IC411 self fan cooling type;

Motor 315-355, 200 and above 2 pole motor with standard oil nozzles, and more than 132 motor optional;

Material: cast iron castings; Standard installation structure of: IM B3, IM B5, IM B35 etc.;

The motor can be used PTC or PT100 thermistor for winding protection, but also the installation of winding temperature measuring device, from frame 160 and up motor optional bearing temperature measuring device;

Special design: we can design special motor voltage and frequency according to customer requirements; can be adjusted according to customer requirements of motor appearance color.

When the motor is in the direction of high frequency speed regulation, it should be noted that:

As for fan and pump load should pay more attention to the power frequency variable high load will increase, such as more than rated power of motor will cause damage to the motor.

When the motor runs faster than the rated speed, the noise and vibration value will increase, and the bearing life will be shortened; the maximum safe speed of the motor is as follows:

The maximum safe speed of the motor Frame Maximum speed maximum frequency.