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Product Introduction


        MS(IE2) 80-160 series (aluminum body) three-phase asynchronous motor is newly designed product which concentrates domestic and overseas experience. This series motor adopts totally enclosed fan-cooled structure、IP55 degree of protection. F class insulation、S1 continuous duty, the joint-box lies on the top of motor, and the outer cage is made of sufficient mechanical strength iron casting with dismountable feet, the unique external structure has the advantage of good heat-dissipating effect. This series motor is characterized with beautiful cage、small volume、light weight、 little noise、convenient installation. The power and installation size are identical with YE2 series(iron-casting frame), and the performance conform to IEC standard.

MS(IE2) 80-160 series (aluminum body)three-phase asynchronous motor 's efficiency confirms to the three level of energy-saving estimate value specified in GB18613-2012, and can meet the IE2 efficiency grades in IEC60034-30 standard.

This series motor are widely used in light industry, textile、 plastics chemicak、 metallurgy、machine took air-blower、water pump、compressor、food process and agricultural equipment and so on.

The basic installation structure are : B3、 B5、B35、B14. B34


 Main Performance

• Rated Power Range:0.75-18.5KW

• Rated Frequency: 50Hz

• Rated Voltage: 380V

• Motor Poles: 2、4、6

• International Protection Standard: IP55

Insulation System:

According to the design of class F (155 DEG C), in the rated output and direct power supply motor temperature rise according to 80K appraisal;

Cooling Method:Standard cooling mode for IC410, IC411 self fan cooling, can be the motor N end (non shaft extension) with the fan, in order to meet the cooling air flow can rely on shaft extension end driven by the wind turbine cooling.