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Labor costs rise, bathroom factory automation is imperative

Date:2017-3-6 11:06
After the Spring Festival, many ceramic sanitary enterprises have emerged "difficult" problem, for the current market there are labor problems, many companies in addition to the increase through the pay, but also speed up the pace of machine substitutions, so that bathroom enterprises Gradually embarked on the road of automation and automation.
Machine replacement = machine machinery industry spirit technology upgrade.
Labor costs rose rapidly, a variety of pressure to promote the ceramic sanitary enterprises began the machine replacement of the road, upgrade the production line has become a ceramic sanitary enterprises to improve production capacity to the development of intelligent intelligent premise.
But the emergence of "machine substitutions" for the bathroom business has brought a big problem, although the emergence of the machine to help solve the problem of the number of personnel, but the skills of the staff has made a higher demand. So in fact, for the bathroom business, the reserves of talent is certainly essential, Wei enterprises and universities, to promote the upgrading of talent skills, in order to promote the bathroom enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency.

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