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Address:No.2 Fenghua Road, Shuangfeng Town, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province
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E-mail: zoudrane@163.com

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Welcome to SUZHOU DRANE ELECTRIC MOTORS CO., LTD Official website

Date:2017-3-6 11:05

SUZHOU DRANE ELECTRIC MOTORS CO.,LTD was set up in 2005,we are a young and new developed who is specialized in producing electric motor for industrial application.We are a private owned corporation with area of 30000 square meters and employee of 300 persons.20 of them is engineer. We mainly produce aluminum and cast iron body electric motor in low voltage and high voltage.We offer our products and service in both domestic and international market,and we are also capable to design special products and customize products for our customers.We are in productive capability of 300,000 paces per years in total and our turnover is about USD30,000,000 per years in both domestic and international market.We got honors of ISO9001,CCC,CE certificate which is issued by national authorized institute in these years and we are offering more and more our products and service to  Europe and other country in worldwide.We are always in pursuit of offering best quality products and service to our clients ,and  we are getting more and more reputation in all kinds of fields for our good service and stable motor.We would like to cooperate with different clients who come from world wide to develop both side.We aimed to growing up into a world famous electric motor supplier in world by offering our best products and service.

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