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Warmly celebrate the official online line

Date:2017-3-6 11:07

 SUZHOU DRANE ELECTRIC MOTORS CO.,LTD as the backbone of key enterprises specialized in the production of three-phase asynchronous motor for more than thirty years, adhere to the "technology as the driving force, to the quality of survival, the pursuit of excellence; continuous improvement, exceed customer expectations, build brand DRANE" principle, is committed to the Y2 series, YX3 series three-phase asynchronous motor YH; marine motor series; YVF2 series VVVF motor; YEJ series electromagnetic brake motor; YD series, YTD series pole-changing motor; MS series aluminum housing motor; YKK series high voltage electric machine; Y2 compact high-voltage motor research, development and manufacturing. At present, the products are sold well in the domestic and foreign markets and enjoy high popularity and reputation among the customers.

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